Who We Serve

Deep industry expertise makes us effective and efficient.

There’s nothing quite like working with an expert.

After all, a CPA who knows your industry is a CPA who can anticipate unique challenges. They know what’s coming because they’ve seen it before – and they can help you enjoy every conceivable advantage.

In other words, there’s no learning as you go. The learning part happened years ago.

And at Seay & Weissinger, the learning part happened decades ago.

We know these industries like we know our own families.

Throughout our 40+ years of combined auditing and assurance experience, we’ve developed specialist knowledge across a variety of industries. Specifically, we focus on:

  • Construction contractors, whether commercial or residential
  • Hospitality businesses and organizations, like country clubs, hotels, resorts, and restaurants
  • Non-profit organizations such as charities and religious organizations
  • Professional services from staffing companies to law firms to medical service providers and beyond
  • Franchisees and franchisors for restaurants, health clubs, retailers, and more
  • Trucking and other transportation and logistics companies

Specialist attention gives you an edge.

Not only can we identify potential risks and liabilities more effectively than a generalist – we help you anticipate those issues before they throw a wrench in your business objectives. That’s the value of working with a specialist.

With partner-level expertise at your fingertips, you also enjoy greater accuracy, greater speed, and more responsive service than you’ve probably come to expect.

At Seay & Weissinger, we’re not just industry experts. We’re service experts, too.

To discuss auditing or assurance in one of our focus industries, contact us today.