Financial Statement Audits, Reviews & Compilations

Assurance at every level

Verified financial health provides certainty to lenders, regulators, investors, and customers. It keeps your organization financially viable, and it helps you grow.

At Seay & Weissinger, we staff our engagements with partners to ensure you enjoy the highest level of knowledge and expertise. And that’s true regardless of the level of assurance you need.

When you work with us, you won’t have to hope your financial statements are accurate and complete. You’ll know they are.

From compilations to audits

Depending on your needs, we provide three levels of assurance:

  • Audits: An audit provides the highest level of assurance that your financial information is accurate. Lenders and regulators often require financial statement audits when extending credit or verifying compliance with loan covenants.
  • Reviews: A review provides a limited level of assurance that your financial information contains no material misstatements. Financial statement reviews are acceptable to many lenders, depending on the size of a loan.
  • Compilations: While they provide no assurance for your financial information, compilations do consist of professionally prepared financial statements based on management’s financial information.

First-class service for first-class assurance

Direct communication with a partner at our firm, access to 20+ years of experience, peace of mind when it comes to timeliness, accuracy, and professional presentation.

With Seay & Weissinger, you enjoy all of those benefits. No exceptions. At our firm, peerless, personalized service is our mainstay.

After working with us, you won’t settle for anything less.

To learn more about our financial assurance services, contact us today.