Employee Benefit Plan Audits

Complete, methodical, and always on time

Benefit plan compliance is daunting. From cryptic IRS rules to expansive DOL requirements, dotting every “i” can feel like an impossible balancing act.

But not for us. At Seay & Weissinger, we apply partner-level expertise to your employee benefit plan audit – so you can rest assured you’re meeting those regulatory demands.

We’ve audited employee benefit plans since Day One.

And by “Day One,” we mean the 1990s.

At a typical firm, a staff-level accountant performs the majority of your audit. At our firm, partners perform your audit from start to finish – every time. 

We also deploy strategies developed over more than two decades in the industry to ensure your audit is done right, done thoroughly, and done before the deadline.

Specifically, we specialize in:

  • 401(k) plan audits
  • Profit sharing plan audits
  • Defined benefit plan audits
  • Plan design consulting

In a highly fluid regulatory environment, you need an expert to navigate the constant changes.

That’s what we do at Seay & Weissinger: meet complexity head-on and forge a path to ongoing compliance. And we make it happen through superlative expertise and steadfast dedication to our clients.

To learn more or tell us about your employee benefit plan, contact us today.